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Science Teacher

Oakland, California
Teachers are the most critical lever that Aurum Prep has to ensure the success of the academic program and student achievement. Our teachers will create a classroom culture that drives student achievement and personal growth for every one of our students, building a game-changing school that redefines public education in deep East Oakland. Your job is to hold your students to a high bar and grow as a leader in this work every day along with your fellow staff members. Ultimately, you will be a founding member of a high performing team that is changing the narrative for what is possible for children in deep East Oakland.

Why Work at Aurum?
  • Competitive compensation and covered BTSA fees.
  • Paid time off in addition to sick time.
  • Over 15 full-day professional development days a year in addition to dedicated daily faculty collaboration time.
  • An emphasis on depth over breadth – more time teaching fewer students with a block schedule.
  • Student and staff technology access supporting communication, student progress monitoring and differentiation.
  • An engaged, supportive and connected community of families, colleagues and partner organizations.

Background on the Organization: 
Aurum Preparatory Academy (“Aurum Prep”) is committed to educating all of its students,grades 6–8, to succeed in high school, college, and life and to serve as the next generation of moral leaders. Aurum Prep is a middle school that will serve its founding class of sixth graders in the fall of 2018 and continue to grow each year. Built in partnership with parents and families and also drawing from research based best practices from some of the highest performing schools in the nation, Aurum Prep will ensure that the children of deep East Oakland receive the highest quality education.
For students to determine their own life’s trajectory, they must have a foundation that prepares them to (a) excel in high school, college, and life and(b) become moral leaders in their communities and in our world. We must have high expectations and clear structures, all provided with in a culture of joy for learning, working hard, and honoring our students’ fullest potential. For more information, please visit our website: www.aurumpreparatory.org

Teacher Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Two years of urban teaching experience preferred
  • Commitment to meet challenges with optimism and a solutions-oriented mindset
  • Willingness to engage in frequent dialogue and to be self-reflective with regard to teaching practices
  • Commitment to analyzing student data to push student achievement forward
  • Successful classroom manager who firmly believes that a structured environment and high behavioral expectations for all students lead to student achievement
Teacher Responsibilities:
  • Teach at least four classes daily
  • Plan, implement, and execute engaging and rigorous daily standards-based lessons
  • Communicate frequently with parents
  • Assess students frequently through formal and informal measures
  • Create comprehensive chapter and/or unit tests
  • Reinforce school-wide rules and expectations
  • Complete other tasks as directed by the Executive Director
  • Identify students who are academically at risk and initiate effective intervention strategies

We are strongly committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff. Please send a resume, two letters of reference and compelling cover letter.

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